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    I’ll take care of all the planning, engineering, recording, re-amping, mixing and mastering. Basically you can blame me for everything if something goes wrong. This process will take several weeks, since we want the best result possible.


    You’ll do the recording on your own and I mix the files into an album. This process will take around 1,5 day per song in average with the three revisions included in the price. Mixing can also be drums only, or guitars/bass only.


    I’ll make sure that the album is compatible with iTunes, Spotify, CD reproduction and Vinyl pressing. Normally done in a day.


    You record your guitars with a DI box and I’ll run the signals through my collection of gear.

    Impulse Responses

    I have miked guitar and bass cabs for about 20 years. There’s a microphone/speaker combination for all types and you can find my take on it at Replicant Audio.

    REPLICANT AUDIO exists to fill the gap between professional digital modeling technology and less-than-stellar representations of legendary tones. We are a collective of Artists, Engineers, Designers and Music Industry Professionals that have collaborated to bring you the absolute best in digital.

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