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    So, who the hell is Jocke Skog?

    Producer, engineer, and a musician with a burning desire in everything that has to do with music and can totally forget about time and space when he’s in a studio environment. Can program drums so brilliantly that he puts real drummers to shame on a daily basis and he can make a band that originally sounds like pure donkeyshit sound like “the hot shit”! Not always completely logical but always with an opinion and then some. Loves music as hard as it comes and is a running enthusiast, run Jocke run!

    Jocke’s been producing and mixing bands since the mid-90s but went all-in 2001 when his band Clawfinger bought a studio together with the Swedish math-metal godfathers in the band Meshuggah. Jocke’s currently working close with Valve software doing Music Packs for the highly acclaimed game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and the rest of the time he’s recording, mixing and mastering all sorts of brutal metal music. He has also done several production demos and preset packs for Toontrack.