Bleeding Utopia – Where the light comes to die

Re-amped, mixed and mastered.


Carnal Forge – Gun to Mouth Salvation

Re-amped bass and rhythm guitars. Mixed the foundation and then Petri Kuusisto, Jari Kuusisto, & Carnal Forge polished it.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive Music kit: Metal Played the guitars, played the bass, programmed the drums, engineered, mixed and mastered it. *phew* 🙂


Misth – Rise of a new day

Engineered, reamped guitars and bass and mixed the album


Feared – Vinter

This one’s a little special since I made the backing tracks (except the full orchestra on Vinter, made by Jan Michael Höglund) and recorded the bass too. Besides reamping, mixing and mastering of course. 🙂


Bleeding Utopia – Darkest Potency

Engineered the guitar sound, mixed and mastered. First real production where I used Drumatom on the drums. Worked! 🙂


CS:GO music kits

III – Arena

The third music kit for CS:GO, combining massive guitar riffs with equally massive drops, loop elements and drones. It can only be bought thorough the ”radicals box” together with 6 other music kits, or on the community market. As usual, Jocke played all instruments, produced and mixed it.

II Headshot

This is the songs included in the ”Skog, II – headshot” music kit for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Featuring a Solo from the most excellent Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry).


Played the guitars, played the bass, programmed the drums, engineered, mixed and mastered it. *phew* 🙂


So, who the hell is Jocke Skog?

Producer, engineer, and a musician with a burning desire in everything that has to do with music and can totally forget about time and space when he’s in a studio environment. Can program drums so brilliantly that he puts real drummers to shame on a daily basis and he can make a band that originally sounds like pure donkeyshit sound like ”the hot shit”! Not always completely logical but always with an opinion and then some. Loves music as hard as it comes and is a running enthusiast, run Jocke run!

Jocke’s been producing and mixing bands since the mid-90s but went all-in 2001 when his band Clawfinger bought a studio together with the Swedish math-metal godfathers in the band Meshuggah. Jocke’s currently working close with Valve software doing Music Packs for the highly acclaimed game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and the rest of the time he’s recording, mixing and mastering all sorts of brutal metal music. He has also done several production demos and preset packs for Toontrack.

Jocke Skog



Stipen – Trummor Jocke – Bas Misha – Sång & gitarr Åfysatan är ett musikaliskt bastardbarn som skapats i ren spontanitet. Efter en lyckad insats i Bollnäs Trail Race 2014 firade Jocke Skog (Clawfinger) och Misha Sedini (ex-Rövfitta) segerns sötma […]



Guitars – Ola Englund (THE HAUNTED, ex SIX FEET UNDER) Bass – Jocke Skog (CLAWFINGER, Åfysatan) Drums – Kevin Talley (SUFFOCATION, ex DYING FEETUS ex BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) Vocals – Mario Santos Ramos (DEMONOID) Feared is the musical child of […]



Jocke – keyboards, vocals Zak Tell – Vocals Bård Torstensen – Guitars Micke Dahlén – Drums André Skaug – Bass Clawfinger is a rap metal band from Sweden and they are known for their aggressive but melodic music and for […]



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